Sun Smoothie

Happy Friday everyone!!! We wanted to find a smoothie recipe this week that showcased our Wednesday blog in relation to protecting yourself from the sun!

From the website, “Clean Cuisine & More,” they’ve said, “…There are proven skin-protecting benefits certain foods have against sun damage and sunburn. Most of the foods that protect against sun damage are phytonutrient-rich fruits and vegetables; the phytonutrients protect the fruits and vegetables but they also offer powerful protection to YOU, the person who eats the fruits and vegetables. The Carrot Smoothie recipe not only contains an abundance of skin-protecting nutrients from raw, unrefined plant foods, but the nutrients work in synergy to enhance the benefits of each other!”

Without further ado, here is the Carrot Smoothie!!!


1 Cup Coconut Water

1 Organic Carrot (Cut into Chunks)

1 Frozen Organic Banana (Cut into Chunks)

½ Cup Organic Frozen Pineapple

2 Tablespoons of Raw Almond Butter

¼ Teaspoon Cinnamon

Dash of Nutmeg

⅓ Cup Yellow Raisins

¼ Teaspoon Camu Powder (Such as Navitas Naturals)

¼ Inch Segment Ginger Root (optional)

¼ Cup Ice Cubes


Place all ingredients, except for the ice cubes, in a high-speed blender; process until smooth and creamy. Add the ice cubes and process again. Drink super cold. Enjoy! 

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