Colon Cleansing Kiwi Aloe Blend

When cleansing your colon, it’s best to take things very slowly. We have come up with a smoothie recipe that we think you’ll really enjoy while going through the “cleansing” process! This smoothie combines cucumber, kiwi and aloe (as well as other great ingredients) to make a delicious drink that is easy on the gut!


½ Organic Green Apple

½ Organic Cucumber

1 Organic Kiwi, peeled

¾ -1 Cup Organic Coconut Water

1 Thumb-sized Chunk Ginger Root (or ½ Teaspoon dried)

¼ Cup Organic Aloe Vera Juice

½ Organic Lemon or Lime, peeled (2 Tablespoons of Juice)

1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds



Blend and Enjoy! Your colon will thank you! 

Gentle Wellness Center