Benefits of Hydration

While reading this, take a moment and ask yourself this question: How much water have you consumed today?

While you’re thinking about that, did you know that your lungs expel between 2-4 cups of water each day through normal breathing – even MORE on a cold day?!

If your feet sweat, there goes another cup of water. If you make half a dozen trips to the bathroom during the day, that’s 6 cups of water. If you perspire, you expel about 2 cups of water (which doesn’t include exercise-induced perspiration)!!

A person would have to lose 10%  of their body weight in fluids to be considered dehydrated, but as little as 2% can affect athletic performance, cause tiredness and dull critical thinking abilities. Water is the single most critical nutrient for health, growth, & development. Adequate water consumption can help lessen the chance of kidney stones, keep joints lubricated, prevent and lessen the severity of colds and flu and help prevent constipation.

This isn’t rocket science – it’s common sense (but is backed by Dr. F. Batmaghelidj’s years of research and investigation into why water works so well in keeping us healthy and pain free!).

The human brain is composed of 95% water, blood is 82% water; the lungs are nearly 90% water! Water is critical to the balance of all the body’s systems.

What are other benefits of water? Glad you asked! Here are some other great reasons to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

  • Healthier Skin

  • Healthier Teeth and Bones

  • Healthier Joints

  • Healthier Mind and Body

  • Healthier Digestive System

  • Reduces Fatigue

  • Helps In Weight Loss

  • Reduces Fluid Retention

Needless to say…

It’s a free investment for your long-term health!

Remember – you want to drink HALF your body weight in ounces of water each day (So if you weigh 150 pounds, you’ll want to consume approximately 75 ounces each day! That sounds like a lot, but it’s actually only 9 glasses of water…you can do that!). You should sip on water all day, not just when you exercise – and the best time to drink your first glass of water? Right when you wake up! The body is constricted, and needs lots of replenishment first thing!

Don’t forget to comment with why you think water is so important, and be sure to check out the link below for more information about why hydration is vital to your health!

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