Benefits of Cultured Veggies

Lots of love and fun went into these great tasting cultured veggies, all in time for a healthy holiday treat! Try hosting a “Cultured” Veggie” party with family and friends – not only will it be enjoyable, but you will learn so much in the process!

Donna Gates, the international bestselling author of the Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health & Rebuilding Your Immunity, re-introduced fermented foods & cultured vegetables to the United States.

What ARE cultured vegetables?

Donna explains, “…Cultured veggies are fermented foods. The same bacteria that help us to preserve food also play an essential role in gut health and in a well-balanced immune response.”


  • Overall gut health

  • Reduces heartburn

  • Better bowel movements

  • Easier weight loss!

  • Brain fog and mood disorder, like anxiety and depression!

  • Acne and other potential skin challenges!

There is no limit to the great things that cultured vegetables can do for the human body, and not to mention, they taste wonderful!

Happy Fermenting!  
Look below for some exciting new YouTube videos and informative articles from Donna herself on how to  make Cultured Vegetables!

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