Lung Health


Following the recent devastating fires in California, a new danger rose, not only for firefighters, but for everyone. Air got so thick with smoke that pollution levels exceeded cities in China & India that regularly rank amongst the world’s worst.  Studies are finding how inhalation of miniscule particles from wood fires can nestle in the folds of lung tissue and do harm to the human immune system. 

The Firefighter Cancer Support Network has data to back up its claim that “cancer is the most dangerous and under-recognized threat to the health and safety of our nation’s firefighters.” 

As firefighters inhale harmful carcinogens and other deadly chemicals on a daily basis; several Fire Stations across the country are trying to help combat the predicament by investing in Far Infrared Saunas for their team members. Sauna has been aiding with detoxification and decontamination. 

An article in the Townsend letter of April 2006 shared…”Following 9/11, Far Infrared saunas were used to help detoxify many of the first responders, rescue workers and civilians who were exposed to toxic substances such as asbestos, mercury, lead & other agents associated with severe lung pathology & a myriad of immune dysfunctions”. 

Many more studies have shown time after time that we need to sweat toxins out. Saunas create a safe and healthy way for the toxins exit.

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